Friday, July 13, 2012

friday food fetish: michelob ultra light cider

 *disclaimer* this post is not sponsored or endorsed by the featured product or company in any way. all products were purchased on my own free will and are a reflection of my unique thoughts.

i freaking love hard cider. seriously, love it.

i've always liked hard cider, but when brandon and i spent 3 months of 2011 living in australia, we grew to be fanatics. hard cider is a big deal down under. they have a ton of varieties (oh 5 seeds i miss you) and you can find hard cider in every bar, on tap. it's incredible. when we got back to the states, we starting trying every brand of hard cider we could find, and it's been a ton of fun.

but the sad thing about hard cider is that it's not very diet friendly :(

on average, you're looking at about 200 calories and 25 carbs a bottle. thats roughly 2 weight watchers points, but at 200 calores a pop, you really need to be careful with your consumption!

imagine my delight when i saw all of the advertisements (especially on blogher, yikes!) for michelob ultra's new light cider. one bottle is 120 calories and less than 10 carbs, which equates to about 1 weight watchers point per bottle. 

now, just because it says its only 1 point, doesn't mean we can go crazy and drink a 6 pack in one day and think our scale will tell us delightful things at the end of the week. we still need to be conscious about the calories here, but it is a great option for cider lovers who want to enjoy a slightly less guilty version of their favorite fermented beverage!

anyway, how about the taste? this definitely has a lighter taste than a full on cider, but it doesn't taste watered down or anything like that. my friend jenny said it almost had a lime taste (which i didn't get) and i think it tastes a little more like beer than a traditional cider (i don't like beer really, but i do like this stuff). trying to summarize all of the above fluff in the last few sentences: it tastes like a lighter hard cider that isn't watered down, which is a win in my book.

bottom line:
i don't drink a lot, but i do like to have the occasional beverage when hanging out with friends, with dinner outside or after golfing. this for sure has become my official drink of summer 2012 and i hope it sticks around! slainte!

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