Friday, July 27, 2012

friday food fetish: dave's gourmet butternut squash pasta sauce

 *disclaimer* this post is not sponsored or endorsed by the featured product or company in any way. all products were purchased on my own free will and are a reflection of my unique thoughts and taste buds.


folks, two of my favorite foods are squash and pasta. i cannot get enough of squash in all forms: butternut, summer, acorn - you name it, i can devour it (my boyfriend is pretty convinced i could beat anyone in an acorn squash eating contest). it's also impossible not to love pasta, especially when your boyfriend is italian and lasagna is one of your favorite meals.

one day while meandering through kroger, brandon and i stumbled upon this orange jar of pasta sauce (dave's gourmet butternut squash pasta sauce). i was immediately excited about the possibility of combining butternut squash with some of the awesome al dente brand noodles we've been buying. the butternut squash pasta sauce is a little bit on the pricey side  ($8-9 depending on where you buy), but i figured YOLO! let's try this stuff out.

we cooked the sauce as is, but added in some fresh basil, as the sauce already has garlic and red peppers in it. once warmed up and smelling delicious, we scooped the sauce over al dente's whole wheat fettuccine noodles (with flax seed). 

so freaking yum

1 cup of noodles, and 1/2 cup of sauce was a perfect portion size. the noodles were coated evenly (i didn't feel the least bit slighted in terms of sauce per noodle ratio).

how was the taste? awesome!!! this pasta sauce is soooo good. it's pretty rich with a little bit of a sweet flavor; perfect for fall pasta dishes. it's not too hearty that you couldn't enjoy during summer, but it will certainly make fall pasta dishes much more seasonal in taste and appearance.

after i ate my bowl of pasta, i started eating the sauce by the spoonful. that tells you that this stuff is yummy. 1/2 cup of sauce is 3 weight watchers+ points, which is the same amount of points you'd have for a typical cup of pasta sauce (unless you opted for a reduced fat/low-cal pasta sauce). so, for the same amount of points, you get a totally different flavor, which means no need to use extra points!

bottom line:
this is not your every day pasta sauce (because of the price tag and because it's pretty rich in taste). but if you want to spoil your taste buds or add a twist to your pasta once in awhile, i would grab for this jar over and over again. creamy, rich, delicious and satisfying! i will be trying this sauce with ravioli and lasagna next!

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