Monday, July 30, 2012

august goals

august is just around the corner, so its time to think about some specific goals for the month. i thought long and hard about potential goals with help from some special people, and i feel pretty good about the list i'm going to share with you.

august goals:

1) 1/2 hour of meditation a week
2) more h20, less caffeine
3) train for september's 5k - goal to get back to 10 min/mile or less pace

why meditation?
if i had a dime for every time meditation has been suggested to me by my counselor, my family, spiritual leaders or friends i would have enough to buy the ultrabook i'm so desperately wanting. i've meditated a few times; took a class, practiced during a yoga retreat, practiced at a spiritual healing retreat and tried a short few times at home when i thought anxiety might make me implode. quite frankly, meditation does help calm my body/mind down and put me more at peace when i take the time to do it, and boy do i really need to make the time to meditate. i need more ways to alleviate the stress in my life, but also take the time to slow down, center myself and relax. i don't relax well (or at all). all of these reasons are why meditation is a goal for me this month. i'm going to try a cd my mom loaned me, and go from there, but i welcome all and any tips or suggestions you may have!

more h20 please!
i have fallen down the slippery slope of letting excessive amounts of soda and fake sweetener drinks pop back into my life. all of my favorites have somehow come back: sugar free red bull, rockstar and lots and lots of diet pepsi, diet wild cherry pepsi and any other diet soda that i may be craving in the moment. it's not just these fake sweetened drinks that are sloshing around in my stomach, but i've significantly increased the amount of caffeine i'm consuming too. on the worst days i'll have a red bull in the morning, coffee in the mid-afternoon and a caffeine supplement before my event workout. nothing about what i'm putting into my body in liquid form has been healthy, and its time to ween those tricky little drinks back into submission. so, i'll start with the first two weeks of august being limited to 2 servings of caffeine substances a day, and by the end of the month, i want to be at 1 per day. in between those servings, lots and lots of h20. i want to be drinking 8 servings of water a day, which is standard according to all the health psa's you'll find just about anywhere.

training for september's 5k
i have this goal of doing 1 5k a month for a year and september would mark the 3rd 5k in this challenge. i couldn't tell you the last time i actually trained for a 5k race. every time i have done one in the past 5 years (at least) it was during 1/2 marathon training (so i was already in training condition) or it was a random holiday 5k (think turkey trot) and i ran a few times prior just to make sure my legs remembered how to run. running cross country in high school really spoiled me into being able to run a 5k without much training, but it certainly doesn't mean my 5k race times are anything to write home about. since i haven't been running very frequently this summer, i want to train for september's 5k for two reasons: (1) to get me into a more regular running schedule and (2) to get back to my competitive spirit with myself and chip away at my 5k time. by no means do i think i'll break my pr in september, but purposeful training is a good step to working on beating my pr by the end of my 12 5k's challenge.

what are your goals for august? anything we can commiserate over together?? ;)

- alicia

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