Saturday, June 16, 2012

what's beautiful? an under armour competition!

under armour is having a fabulous competition. and it is a piece of marketing genius, really. they're on a quest to redefine the woman athlete. it's not about airbrushing, or being the perfect size - it's about looking at the female athlete in a different, beautiful light. what do women want the female athlete to look like? there's a series of stages in this competition, and in the end, they'll pick three women to represent the under armour brand and women athletes.

seriously, this is a great competition. i love it because i am incredibly passionate about redefining how women are perceived in our culture. i have done work with an amazing documentary called miss representation and it just inspires me to get the message out that woman are not objects and our beauty is how we define it, not others!

so naturally, i've entered the contest. you can check out my profile page here. i'm just getting started, so my page is pretty bare, but i'm working on completing the challenges. if you're participating, i'd love to follow you!

so what is my "what's beautiful" goal (as the challenge is to state a goal and show the world how you work towards it)? 

my goal: I WILL... make small changes to get healthier, stronger and more confident to get back to being a runner! 

falls right in line with the whole purpose of this blog too, no? it's all coming together in some beautiful way - like the universe is almost aligned to say "this is your time alicia! work for it, and it's yours"!

i thought i'd share with you the first "vlog" i uploaded for the contest, which goes into a long winded summary of what i think "what's beautiful" is, and why i chose my goal. maybe it will inspire others to find their own beauty, or maybe it will sit dusty on the youtube shelf, who knows. either way, it felt great to say out loud what i'm working towards and why. so empowering!

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