Wednesday, June 13, 2012

weekly weigh-in & recap

last night i went to bed with the aching feeling of being gross, fat and dreading the wednesday weigh-in. i was certain the scale was going to tell me that i had gained 20 pounds and i should just give up and attach my butt in sweatpants to the couch for the rest of my life (which doesn't sound entirely terrible, i suppose). the funny thing is, 4 hours or so before that, i left a workout feeling strong, still feeling like i was living in an oversized body, but i felt strong. weird how your feelings about yourself can change so quickly, right?
the good news is, i weighed in this morning and my fitbit aria told me i had lost 1.1 pounds! hip hip hooray! maybe my couch and butt won't be permanently attached after all ;)

in terms of food consumption and tracking, this past week was fairly flat. i didn't stick to my 26 point goal each day, but when i went over, it wasn't by very much - compared to last week where i had some seriously indulgent days. i am pretty proud of a flat point week, given i started the first two days traveling for work (and that always leads to trouble with all the eating out and such). i barely dipped into my weekly points (i used up all of my activity points instead)... which makes me wonder if i tracked accurately all week... but i'm pretty obsessed with tracking, so i can't imagine i missed something... and the scale tells me that i seem to be on track. so i must have been okay with the tracking.

looking back on the week activity wise, i wasn't as active as i thought i had been the last seven days. i marked 4/7 days with activity, even with a super busy weekend. two days of garage sales, plus a hard workout sunday and 9 holes of golf (in 90 degree weather, no less)! maybe i'm not tracking activity when i should be? does anyone track their daily steps as activity points? i'd love to hear how you track/measure this, if you do!

week overview:
weigh in: 152.2 pounds
(+/-) from last week:
-1.1 pounds
worst day: 34 points
best day: 25 points
total activity points earned: 26 (same as last week)
total weekly points left: 46

the best thing(s) i ate this week:
the best thing i ate this week was a pasta-less zucchini pasta that my boyfriend, brandon, made. it was 4 points for 1 full cup (a bowl full) + almond cheese (yes, we're testing cheese alternatives) and it was so good. not going to lie, i was skeptical of using zucchini shreddings as noodles and if they'd be as delicious and filling, but they really were! and there was no guilt at all, because all i was eating was veggies! normally, 1 cup of pasta and sauce would be 8 points, so this noodle-less version is a steal at half the points. totally delish and a great, lighter option for summer. i'm trying to convince brandon to type up the recipe so i can share on my blog :)

the second most delicious thing i ate was another home recipe; fiesta bbq shredded pork. holy cow, it was yummy! imagine pulled pork, taco style, wrapped in a tortilla with mango salsa. out of control. and it was only 4 points (10 points for two wraps)!! the best part was that this meal was very, very satisfying, meaning i actually felt full! and i haven't really felt full on 8-10 points yet! so look for the recipe to be posted next week. i promise, you won't be disappointed!

fiesta bbq shredded pork - recipe will be posted next week!

the worst thing(s) i ate this week:
much to my surprise, i didn't have too many terrible things this week! does that mean i'm learning something from tracking? must be! ;) i am still getting into trouble with omelets, when i can't control how they're made. everyone seems to make them with veggies sautéed in lots of oil (eek), which means a veggie omelet without cheese can be 10 points on its own! so that's no fun. i also made a pasta salad this week, which was 5 points per cup. oh! and while i'm thinking about it, i tried to make a healthy, ginger peanut butter cookie and it went horribly wrong. i tested the batter using a coconut spread instead of butter (and used stevia instead of sugar), which wasn't as healthy as i thought it would be. my batch of cookies ended up being 4 points per cookie, and not really worth the indulgence. :( that was the biggest bummer of the week. i definitely want to re-work that recipe and make it delicious and more nutritious! 

the naughty 4 point cookie

this was a week of neutrality, i would say. no huge point days, no lite on point days, just middle of the road. which is good! and it paid off, as i had a weight loss this week, so i'm feeling pretty positive. as the weeks go by, i'm finding it easier to recognize what food works best to fuel my body - staying full, satisfied and ready for action. it's been fun trying to remake recipes into healthier versions, and i'm enjoying posting recipes, even if no one else tries them (or sees them)!

here's to starting off the week on a happy note!


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  1. You earned a spare day worth of points in activity!! that's awesome. And yay for losing!!! :) I am refusing to get back on the scale until Sunday or so, bloat and hormones will not ruin my progress. If I see that I've gained (even knowing why) I will sabotage myself.


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