Thursday, June 21, 2012

weekly weigh-in & recap (on a thursday)


one week will not make or break you.  

i say this with the most sincerity i can muster, as i would certainly have deemed the past week as a "break me" week. here's why i thought i would gain back all the weight i had lost:

  • i only tracked two activity days (ouch)
  • i had only 16 weekly points left (eek)
  • 4 days out of the week i spent traveling, out of my element (i'm so tired!)

all this damn travel is a recipe for disaster, seriously. especially when the days are so jam packed that it's impossible to squeeze in enough sleep, let alone a 10, 20 or 30 minute walk. over the weekend, i attended a spiritual healing retreat (which was incredible, by the way), but i spent each day in a state of emotional imbalance, causing my "comfort food" signal to kick in full force. i wanted bread and chocolate, and i certainly allowed myself to take part in those tongue delights each day. 1 piece of chocolate or dinner roll isn't bad, but when you have 1 across each meal of the day, it adds up fast.

personal travel is tough, but business travel (for me) is harder. especially when you get to partake in a team outing on a boat with unlimited cocktails and food. oy. in my effort to relax and open up (i'm a terrible net-worker, honest) i relied a little bit too much on my buddy jack daniels to get me into the mingle zone. 3 jack and diet cokes cost me 11 points. and then after that, i was in dire need of food so i didn't flop off the boat and into the bay. you can see where i'm going here - it was a brutal day of using and abusing points!

but here i am, thinking about the 1.4 pound loss i somehow had since the last time i weighed in. it seems impossible, and i certainly don't notice any visible signs of loss (where are these pounds going, seriously?). the week, as bad as i thought it was, didn't break me. and you know, even if i hadn't lost anything, or if i had gained, that one week, over the course of my whole life, really isn't much (talk about putting it into perspective). sure, if i had multiple of these weeks in a row, we'd have a problem, but one week out of the 52 available in a year won't break your success. keep the positivity moving, and keep moving forward!

week overview:
weigh in: 150.8
(+/-) from last week:
-1.4 pounds
worst day: 43 points
best day: 20 points
total activity points earned: 9 (YIKES)
total weekly points left: 16

the best thing(s) i ate this week:
brandon made an awesome lasagna this week that we finished off in two days (we love our lasagna, what can i say?). though it was delightful, two slices added up to 14 points really fast, but honestly - so worth it!
brandon also made a great chicken teriyaki dish (the picture kinda sucks below) that was a base of quinoa, chicken and green beans. using vegetable broth instead of oil makes this meal super light (only 5 points!). i'll ask him to type up this recipe too, because it was too good not to share!
chicky chicky teriyaki

i've also been making these little turkey cream cheese roll ups that are only 4 points each. they're super yummy and cover essential nutrition (dairy, protein and wheat carbs). while i would normally want something like this for lunch, i've had them for breakfast as well, and decided it was a good way to start the day. i'll post a recipe at some point (although there isn't much to it). i'm especially looking forward to using these as little (and healthy) pinwheels for for tailgating!

the worst thing(s) i ate this week:
i'm going to bullet this out, because it was just so crappy of a week that i kind of laugh looking back at the highlights:
  • 3 jack & diet cokes - 11 points
  • 1/2 cup scalloped potatoes - 5 points
  • 2 slices of lasagna - 14 points (had this twice this week, so 28 points total)
  • dinner roll - 5 points (had a dinner roll 4 times this week, so 20 points total)
  • having wendy's AND lasagna in the same day - (22 points)
damn you, mr. daniel's and your ability to make me more comfortable in being social

i think my starting line, "one week will not make or break you" sums everything up about this past week. it's a reassuring statement, but also could lead to laziness, so i need to make sure i'm still diligent about not flying off the deep end when a week seems to be going down hill. not being able to work out and be active really hurt me this week, but not from a weight loss point. it more so made me feel mentally strained (working out helps my brain push out some of the fuzziness) and physically sluggish. getting back to an active lifestyle this next week will help me feel like i've got my mojo back!

here's to getting back to working out and being active!


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