Friday, June 8, 2012

weekly weigh-in & recap (on a friday)

i've been traveling this week, so i wasn't able to weigh in on wednesday. so this week, the weigh in and recap comes on a friday (what a fun way to kick off the weekend, no)?

with my weight being tracked at a lower number, my points target went down 2 points. 2 points may not seem like a lot, but it sure seems like 26 points is harder to cut down to than 28 points. i only hit my target once this week, every other day i've been over (the worse being my first night of business travel in chicago, where i over did it on mexican. skinny margarita and guacamole, who could resist?). the other tough thing about going down in weight is that your activity points per activity are less! meaning, i can do the same workout i did the previous week, but now i get less activity points for it. major. bummer.

so despite it all, i'm happy that my weight stayed the same this week - no gain or loss. while it's a tad bit disappointing, i will accept and move on to focusing on this week!

in terms of activity and my june challenge, i did fairly well. i was active 6/7 days this week, and 4 out of the 5 days in june thus far. i was happy that i got out to run twice over the last seven days. that's a big accomplishment for me, as i haven't run at all yet this year. finding the motivation has been nearly impossible, which has been very frustrating as a former (and hopefully soon-to-be-again) runner.

week overview:
weigh in: 153.3
(+/-) from last week:
0 - no gain, no loss

worst day: 47 points (dining out in chicago, yikes!)
best day: 1 day at 26, 1 day at 27
total activity points earned: 26 points
total weekly points left: 21 points

the best thing(s) i ate this week:
aside from brandon's awesome pita pizza's, the best thing i ate this week has been nectarines. yes, my friends, it is nectarine season and i couldn't be happier. i love me some nectarines and i could eat them all day long. i think my record has been 3 in one day this week, but its only going to increase as they become more available. nectarines are best (in my opinion) when they're super crispy. nothing is more satisfying, seriously. and 0 points! 0 points for one of the most satisfying foods i know. #winning

the worst thing(s) i ate this week:
points wise, the worst thing i ate was the mexican dinner in chicago. although, it was insanely tasty, i over did it on the chips, and that lead to a whopping 9 points. my so called "skinny" margarita was 6 points, and even the bloody mary i had golfing on saturday was 4 points. alcohol adds up fast, and when i reflect on it, i had a hard cider for 3 points on sunday. so in total, alcohol made up 13 points out of my weekly points - which i'm sure isn't huge compared to folks who like to drink more than i do, but for me, that is a significant portion of my day's points... could be better used on something like chocolate or coconut milk ice cream ;) 

this was another week of being proud of tracking, and learning that i will need to do a lot of adjusting to reach 26 points more consistently. i will also need to be more aggressive with activity points - if i'm not getting as many as i did for previous workouts, i need to add more days, or work a little harder each time to make sure i'm burning enough fat off :)

here's to feeling like this is the beginning, again!


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