Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wednesday weigh-in & wrapup

my fitbit aria sent me this email immediately after i weighed in this morning. i'm having a hard time
believing what i'm seeing, and am starting to think that maybe my scale is broken.

my weigh-in this week: 149.5

i haven't been in the 140's range for as long as i remember. probably not since high school... or at least my freshmen year of college (yikes for that freshmen 15 or 20 or whatever it was).

there's a lot of things that this number prompts for me this week:

1) how the hell did i lose after having such a terrible week? a pretty bad two weeks
2) is this really what being in the 140's is like? i feel like i should look a lot different than i do. i still see areas for a ton of improvement... and i don't really feel like i've lost a lot of weight, though the scale tells me so

week overview:
weigh in: 149.5
(+/-) from last week:
-1.3 pounds
worst day: 55 points, 44 points
best day: 24 points
total activity points earned: 16
total weekly points left: 7 (and this was a comeback from only having 1 point left on sunday!)

the best thing(s) i ate this week:
i'd be lying if i didn't say the best things i ate this week were also the worst...
- vanilla ice cream from one of my favorite ice cream shops in my hometown
- freaking awesome strawberry wedding cake
but yesterday, i did have something that was insanely delicious and nutritious! after a hard run in the blazing heat, brandon and i "splurged" on chipotle. it was worth the 10 minutes we spent waiting in line to order, seriously. i had a salad with: black beans, barbacoa, tomato salsa (mild) and guacamole. this salad was packed with protein (which i desperately needed). in total, it was 11 points and i ate all of it. so good, so filling and 100% worth every point.
we also tried veggie burgers this week, in an effort to find a lower point option for burger cravings. i tried the morningstar veggie burger, and i was really impressed by how yummy it was! i topped my burger with: a tablespoon of spiced avocado spread, onion, tomato, lettuce and dijon mustard. so good! the veggie burger + sandwich thin + avocado was 7 points total - pretty good for a healthier burger meal (we also had sweet potato fries, which were 3 points and were insanely good. if you want the brand, let me know, although i'll probably do a food fetish post on them later on)!

7 point veggie burger

the worst thing(s) i ate this week:
well, i think you can read my post from sunday and know what the biggest "worst things" of the week were, but here's a recap:
- vanilla ice cream
- strawberry wedding cake
- turkey chili hot dog
- chicken cordon bleu
- bqq chicken pizza
i don't want to dwell on these any longer than i should sooo....

on a happier note, here's brandon and i at the food-filled wedding

at this point, i'm feeling a little melancholy. the summary is to not give up, and as it has been a theme over the past few weeks; don't let one bad day, or even a bad week, get to you. just own it, pick your feet up and start on a better note the next day. that's what i did after sunday, and it's helping me feel better (look at all the activity points i earned to "make up" for the lack of weekly points), but i'm still a little lost as to what my weight loss means, and if i will really feel satisfied 4 pounds lighter when i hit my 145 pound goal (my gut says i won't). will it be enough? i just don't know. maybe its time to reassess my goals?


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