Sunday, June 17, 2012

an update on the june challenge

we've hit the half way mark in june, already. can you believe it? time is seriously flying by. since we're 17 days in with 13 days to go (look at me, i can do math), i thought this would be a good time to do a june challenge check-in. as you may remember, my friend susan proposed a motivation challenge for june, to try and help each other reach our goals.

how am i doing on my two goals? maybe this facial expression will provide some clarity:

goal 1) lose 3% body weight
goal 2) workout 4x a week

in terms of body weight, i'm tracking at 1.1 pounds lost, based on my weigh in this past wednesday. i had a goal of 3%, which at the time, i calculated a total 4.5 pounds that i needed to lose. at the half way point, i would need to be at about 2.5 pounds lost, to really feel like i could successfully hit the 3% mark at the end of the month. in other words, my 1.1 pound lost has me feeling a little behind. maybe i picked a too aggressive goal weight loss goal? or could my small loss this far into the month have been a result of the indulgent days i had a couple weeks in row? either way, i'm not quite where i need to be to meet my 3% goal, which means i really need to focus on not going crazy over on my daily points. i also should try and kick up the activity intensity...

.... which brings me to my second goal, working out 4x a week.... i could measure this in the number of days total in june i've worked out, out of the days available in june. there are 30 days in june, and if my goal is to work out 4x a week, i'd need to work out 16 days in june (there's that smart math again). as of today, i have tracked 11 days of activity. out of those, 9 were legit work outs (not just walking around or out playing golf - which, by the way, i can't figure out how to track golf anyway). so, i'm well on my way to hitting that 16 days of working out, and i think i can totally surpass it. should we aim for 20 now??

i had a few bad days over the past weeks, and i have been trying to stay focused that each day is a new day, and to not try and over or under compensate (eating too much and then trying not to eat anything or working out too much to make up for the eating). susan must have esp, because she had this motivator ready for me before she even got my email this week about trying to overcome the bad day blues:

i think this graphic holds true. when you say the words "bad day" and accept them into your life, you set yourself up for a cycle of negativity that's really hard to break. and that can lead into a downward spiral where you don't believe you're worth the work and effort it takes to accomplish your goals. "bad days" are dangerous, but only if you let them be. if you can acknowledge a bad day happened, whatever it may be, and move on as if it doesn't matter, you're much better off in the long run. the more positivity you can build into your brain and habits, the more optimism you will keep with you and soon enough those bad days will seem like less and less of a chip off your shoulder. besides, when you're 94, are you really going to regret that piece (or pieces) of chocolate cake you had at the office party, or the saturday you stayed in bed and didn't run? chances are, you won't even remember those tiny moments at that point in your life ;)

now that we all feel extremely motivated and optimistic, let's charge forward with the rest of june, shall we?  my steps for reaching my goals at the end of the month:

1) try not to go over 4 points my daily total (so no more than 30 points in a day)
2) try to hit 20 activity days logged, 16 of that work outs

let's do this!!!

- alicia

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  1. I was just logging on to make an update post myself. ;) I think you're totally able to hit the 20 activity days, which is awesome considering that's 2/3 of the month you spent moving! :)


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