Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recipe of the Week: Pasta-Less Zucchini Pasta {A Guest Post!}

 *enjoy this guest post and recipe from my boyfriend and italian-dish guru, brandon!*

Hello, world! It's is a privilege to be invited as a guest blogger to InHealthyHabitsWeTrust. In this post, I will be sharing with you a new adventure in pasta shenanigans. Now, since the title of this blog contains the word "Healthy" then you should know that when I reference pasta, it's not going to be that familiar gold semolina pasta we've all been using for centuries. Semolina has been good to us all but there is a point when you begin looking for less than 200 calorie option /serving alternatives. The bulk of the calories in pasta comes from the flour used to make it and this contributes to all the talk of insulin spiking and your glycemic index.

So, what can you do to improve your healthy pasta eating experience? There are lots of options including Wheat flour based, rice flour based and even the crazy Shirataki Noodles that are made of some fiber plant. But, lets keep it simple and flour free. Enter zucchini noodles! Zucchini is a great alternative to all of the above and the lowest caloric intake at about 20 calories/cup. In my first attempt to make this, my girlfriend and I found ourselves wanting more zucchini to mix with our sauce. So feel free to be liberal with your zucchini! In addition to cutting out the flour, my girlfriend and I have been exploring non-dairy cheese and milk alternatives, the recipe below is dairy-free thanks to Lisanatti almond cheese I found at Whole Foods!!

Pasta-Less Zucchini Pasta
Servings: 3
Weight Watchers Points+: 4 per cup of "pasta"

- 3  Medium Zucchini
- 8oz  roma tomato base (fresh or canned)
- 3 -Garlic Cloves (Crushed)
- 1/2C diced onion
- 1 T Honey (Buy this from a local farm, please! Save the honey bees!)
- 1/8c veggie broth
- 1/8c veggie broth (this is not a typo)
- 1/8c Lisinatti Almond Cheese
- Salt to taste
- As much fresh basil as you can find or about a tablespoon, diced.

Place diced onion, crushed garlic and veggie broth in a frying pan and simmer until the onions are caramelized and some of the veggie broth has evaporated. Stir in your tomato base and begin to add your honey and salt. Let this simmer on low - think low and slow. it will taste better, trust me.

Now, grab your peeler and begin making peeling your washed, room-temperature zucchini from top to bottom, the longer your strips, the better. Do this until you begin to see seeds or can no longer hold on to the zucchini anymore. Then add to a mixing bowl and toss with your remaining 1/8 cup of veggie broth and set aside.

With your sauce still hot, serve over a bed of your fresh zucchini noodles with your almond cheese sprinkled on top!

This turned out amazingly! The zucchini has a consistency that is similar to an aldente linguini noodle and easily compliments the tomato based sauce. I hope you enjoyed this guest blog and I look forward to coming back in the future!!

- Brandon 

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