Friday, June 1, 2012

the june challenge!

my lovely friend, susan, proposed a june health challenge. naturally, i jumped at the offer as the timing couldn't be more perfect! over a thread of emails, we decided that we would set two goals for ourselves, and encourage each other throughout the month to reach those goals. and if we meet our goals, we are going to treat ourselves to something nice!

so here are my two goals:

1) lose 3% body weight
2) workout 4x a week

3% body weight is a healthy (and realistic) amount for a month long goal. and i need to amp up my weekly activity, regardless of any weight loss goal, because i find myself slinking into my couch when i get home from work way too often. the more i can get my body moving, the better i will feel physically and mentally. it's so worth it!

and if i knock these two bad boy goals out of the park at the end of the month, i am going to reward myself with a new summer purse! seasonal purses are my fave - and i've been using my drab colored winter purse for far too long. so, if i stay the course with my colors, i'll enjoy the guilt free fun of getting a new, brightly colored purse.

i'm also trying to encourage my friend lindsey, who started weight watchers at the same time i did, to get in on a june challenge. the more the merrier - i think if you get excited to encourage others, you'll subconsciously motivate yourself too. so with that being said.... anyone else up for a june challenge?? :)

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