Friday, June 22, 2012

friday food fetish: sante fe tortillas

 *disclaimer* this post is not sponsored or endorsed by the featured product or company in any way. all products were purchased on my own free will and are a reflection of my unique thoughts.

omgeee ya'll. i am seriously obsessed with these tortillas (just ask my boyfriend). i have a box in the freezer to make sure i'm stocked up, and a box in my fridge ready for use. i know you can find them at sam's club (who knew?), but they may be stocked in other places as well.

so why are these tortillas so freaking great?
1) you get a bajillion tortillas in one box (okay, so this is an exaggeration, but there's 20 tortillas in one box, which is a lot compared to what you get in other packages)
2) each tortilla is only 2 freaking points! 2!!! did you hear me? it's amazing! carby things are always more than 2 points, except for one slice of bread (but is that ever satisfying?). so you can eat an entire tortilla for 2 points. it's the best.
3) let's talk $$$ here.... a box of these tortillas (remember, 20 tortillas in a box) is only $4.88! essentially a quarter a tortilla, folks.
4) 100 calories per tortilla.
5) finally, these tortillas are so versatile. you can use them for all things mexican food, but i use them for normal sandwich wraps as well. i rarely eat regular bread at home now because these are so awesome!

i'm sure i sound like a spokesperson (i swear i'm not), but i really do love these things. i've used them in many of my recipes so far, and will continue to use them to make delicious dishes.

here's a tortilla being used for tacos!

bottom line:
i might as well buy stock in this little company. i'm going to keep buying these tortillas for as long as they are available! :)

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