Friday, June 15, 2012

friday food fetish: garden lites souffles

 *disclaimer* this post is not sponsored or endorsed by the featured product or company in any way. all products were purchased on my own free will and are a reflection of my unique thoughts.

one day, after being denied breakfast at panera at 11:16am (didn't realize they were strict with their breakfast hours like mcdonalds), brandon and i wandered into the nearby whole foods in search of post-run nutrition. i was craving an egg sandwich, and didn't find anything in the pre-made section, so we took a peek in the frozen goods per chance there was something breakfasty, eggy and low-pointy i could heat up in the whole foods microwave. sure enough, we found these little souffle boxes by garden lites. there were three flavors: spinach, zucchini and butternut squash. i was starving, and these frozen mini meals fit my criteria, so we bought the spinach one to trial in-store.

in less than 5 minutes in the microwave, this little baby was ready to eat. i have to admit, i was a little afraid to try the first bite - the little spinach dish didn't look super amazing in the container, but i closed my eyes, took a bite and was surprised by how yummy the souffle was. its basically a healthy quiche - and i do mean healthy. you can see on the box, that the spinach has 2 servings of vegetables, 10g of protein, 140 calories and is 4 weight watchers points! this really is a great power breakfast and satisfied me after the morning run. the spinach flavor was a little overwhelming for me, but it didn't stop me from getting the two other flavors to test, too.

i liked the zucchini souffle more than the spinach. it tasted more like a full quiche to me, without an overwhelming vegetable flavor. the third flavor i bought was the butternut squash. the picture on the box makes the souffle look similar to a cake, which made me a bit skeptical. eggy cake for breakfast? not sure about that. but i love me some butternut squash, so i had to try it.

this is what it looks like after heating, in the little black container

it does look similar to the picture on the box

i really liked the butternut squash souffle. i didn't really get the "breakfast-egg-quiche" taste that i got in the spinach or zucchini souffle, but the flavor was really nice. if you love butternut squash, i'm guessing you'd like this. had a sweet, creamy taste - and the best part was that it kept me pretty full until lunch time.

bottom line:
i would definitely buy these again, and probably stick to the zucchini and butternut squash flavors. if i could find the other flavors garden lites offers, i would try those too. these are a great option for a warm, easy breakfast, with high nutritional value. win! 

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