Wednesday, May 30, 2012

wednesday wrap-up & weigh in

hey-oh, it's wednesday. wednesday is the start of a new week for me in terms of weight watchers tracking, which also signifies weigh-in day. thus, wednesday will be my wrap up day of how the week went, the best things i ate during the week (and the worst) and other mindless ramblings :)

this week's weigh in will be non-existent. and its not happening not because i'm afraid of the number on the scale, but rather, the scale i would use today will not be the scale i will use going forward (i ordered a fit bit aria and i am overly excited for its arrival). when weighing, its important to use the same instrument for consistency's purpose. so, once i have my shiny new gadget in my hands, i'll get a baseline weight to be able to track against!

week overview:
worst day: 52 points, memorial day eve *womp womp*
best day: 1 day at 26 points, 2 days at 29 points
total activity points earned: 25
total weekly points left: 29

the best thing(s) i ate this week:
the #1 best thing i ate this week was the chicken-feta mini burgers, which i posted about earlier. two additional "best things i ate" this week were also recipes from my kitchen!

first, mini jiffy corn muffin bites. who doesn't love corn bread or corn muffins, right? but a full size serving could easily wipe out 3-13+ point values in your day. but if you spread out your corn muffin mix into many, many tiny little servings, you get all the satisfying taste without all the points!

mr. b's and ms. a's corn bread recipe
weight watchers+ points: 1 per mini muffin

- 1 box jiffy corn mix
- 1 duck egg (duck egg has more protein than normal eggs, more points, but more protein)
- 1 tablespoons honey
- 1/3 cup almond milk

prepare as directed!

the other best thing i ate all week was a simple breakfast burrito brandon and i had over memorial day weekend. i like this burrito because it's protein packed, light on the points, and i was able to use ingredients from local producers in michigan! a win/win.

easy breakfast burrito
weight watchers+ points: 4

- 3 tablespoons egg beaters egg whites (or any egg substitute)
- 1/3 cup red peppers, diced and cooked
- 1 turkey sausage link (i used midwest premium legacy turkey breakfast sausage, from wyoming michigan and found at whole foods)
- 1 whole wheat tortilla wrap (i used la jalisciense tortilla wraps, from detroit michigan and also found at whole foods)
- black pepper to taste

cook turkey sausage links as directed. cook eggs (adding black pepper to taste), combine with red peppers. once almost completely cooked, place eggs and red peppers in tortilla. when turkey sausage is almost cooked, dice and place in tortilla. wrap tortilla in aluminum foil, and heat in oven until ready to eat (at least leave it in there until everything is cooked through).

brandon added cheese to his, as well as hot sauce (yuck). really, you can do anything with a breakfast burrito, but my combination was just appropriate for someone who can't eat cheese, needs a good start to the day and is watching points!

the worst thing(s) i ate this week:
friday night, brandon and i went out for our normal friday-evening-date-night. we went to our favorite italian place in a nearby town where they have delicious pasta dishes and to-die-for greek salad. i thought i was being really smart by ordering my greek dressing on the side. my salad came with two, 2oz tubs of dressing. i only used one tub on my salad, again, thinking i was making a smart decision. after the meal, when i tracked my dressing, i was floored to see that a 2oz tub of greek salad dressing was 5 points!! maybe this is obvious to some people, but i was seriously stunned. so glad i didn't pour on the other tub... but really? 5 points? if i only used half of that tub it wouldn't have been enough to cover 1/4 of the bowl of lettuce! i need to learn a dressing strategy, and stat. anyone have any tips?

the second shocker of the week was a bag of doritos. brandon and i took our dog moose up to frankenmuth for the annual dog bowl event. we didn't have lunch before we got there, which was a serious mistake because all they had at dog bowl was typical street-cart type food. think hot dogs, brats, pretzels, popcorn, etc. normally i'd be happy with all of the above, but when you look at one hot dog as a potential 9 points, i kinda freaked out. so we avoided food for a good while until it was clear that if i didn't get anything in my stomach i might pass out and risk having a dog pee on my passed out body in the grass or something. so i went up to the booth with plans to share a pretzel with brandon (my guess was about 5 points for the pretzel, shared would be no biggie). well of course, they were out of pretzels, so in a panic, i went for a bag of nacho cheese doritos.

my friends, the above bag (the single serving size bag) was 7 points. 7 POINTS!!!?!?!?!! i wanted to cry. should've just had the damn hot dog for 2 more points! i was so aggravated over this bag of doritos. if i was counting calories, i wouldn't have minded much over the 300 or so calories... but 7 points is a whole new level. that's a meal, and it is nearly impossible to feel satisfied meal-wise on one bag of doritos. more importantly, how can anyone feel satisfied with only 1/2 a bag of doritos? once you have one, you can't stop at 10, or even 15. i mean, you need the whole bag to feel like you did the doritos justice. i just don't know what i'm going to do about this dorito dilemma. i guess i should make it a goal to feel satisfied on 1/2 of this bag... but this is no journey i feel ready to handle, so it's best for now to leave the doritos alone until i am strong enough to push them away.

all in all, i am happy with the way the week went. it was my first week on weight watchers, and the only goal i had was to track everything, to get in the habit, no matter how good or bad the day. and i did that! so yay for me. i also learned that in order to prevent a bad choice later in the day, or a binge, its smart to make sure you have breakfast and a purposeful lunch to get you through the day. that way you'll be satisfied and won't have to cave into the pressures of impulsiveness!

here's to the beginning of healthy habits,


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  1. Now I'm hungry. And I would like some cornbread please. Oh wait, I can't yet ;) I am really treading away from starch carbs right now to help break the cycle. but in a few months, I want some. NOW. ;)


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