Thursday, May 24, 2012

hello. this is the beginning.

hello there.

my name is alicia. and this is probably the 10th blog i've created, and maybe the 4th in live circulation. i might be a bit of an addict, but i just like to keep my blogging topics separate.

like many people, i've struggled with my weight and fight the constant battle of eating the right types of food, and the right amount of food. i have yo-oy dieted, i have calorie counted, i have yelled at every article of clothing i have ever owned, i have struggled with an eating disorder and have given up and started over again many, many, times.

it's an exhausting cycle, and quite frankly, i'm sick of it.

so this week, i've decided i am not a quitter. and i've decided to change my focus.

instead of doing whatever it takes to try and lose weight, i will solely focus on making lifestyle changes to promote new, healthy habits. i will not obsess over weight (though i will be tracking, per the weight watchers program i am going to follow), but i am confident that if i can make good habits routine, that i will see healthy weight loss when the time comes (but you better believe i'll be praying for that time to come quickly, amen).

the biggest challenge in all of this, may be trying to be as transparent with this blog as possible. in other words, i want to hold nothing back. if i feel i need to type my weight out here into the world of the internet with no privacy, then so be it. if that includes sharing my actual pants size (oh dear, time to hyperventilate), then i will. i can't quite convince myself to post pictures of me in a bikini yet, but i think i should take them... and maybe post them later on when i'm feeling more confident and less superficial ;)

throughout, i am going to blog about whatever i feel like in this journey; food, recipes, rants, raves, triumphs, workouts, failures... you name it, i vow to write it here. i hope in the end this blog will serve as a reflection of hard work and the start to a very healthy and happy life.

in healthy habits we trust,


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