Wednesday, November 26, 2014

a quick update on the back

as i enjoy a few days off for the thanksgiving holiday, i'm also finally taking the time to get my back looked at again. yesterday i had a follow up appointment with my doctor where we discovered that my sacrum was twisted (and boy did it hurt putting it back in alignment). we also discovered that, surprise surprise, i have super lazy runner's butt on my right side and nothing is as strong as it should be, or firing properly. that could easily lead to the alignment issues that i continue to have. the doctor prescribed four weeks of physical therapy to work on core and spine strengthening exercises. i'm thrilled. *insert severe sarcasm here*

at the end of the appointment however, the shooting pain i have had continued to show its face even after the alignments and my doctor decided it is better to be safe than sorry and get an mri scheduled. for the record, i am terrified of mri's. aside from claustrophobia, i had a "bad" mri experience when i was a child and thus i have been anxiety ridden since yesterday just thinking about getting into a mri tube. i'm trying to get in with an open mri nearby, hoping that will help. 

part of my anxiety clearly centers around what the mri might or might not reveal. i don't know what to expect, i'm just hoping whatever the news is, i will not be sidelined for too long.

Friday, November 7, 2014

getting back together with weight watchers

after several months of being unsuccessful with calorie tracking, i've jumped back on team weight watchers. when i lost a bunch of weight two years ago, it was weight watchers that got me there. i think it's most effective for me because it keeps me from becoming obsessive about calories, like calorie tracking does. i toyed with the idea of weight watchers for about a month before diving in on monday. so far it's been an uphill battle getting back into tracking, but i've got to start somewhere!

my main goals for going back on weight watchers are two fold: 1) i want to get back down to racing weight. when i can competitively run again, i want to be back at the weight where i was last summer. i was starting to find a lot of speed at this point and was running very strong. i'm dreaming of getting back to that point again. i also am hoping that losing weight will take off some of the load impact on my back, thus reducing injury. 2) i want to look like a BAMF in my wedding dress. i mean, if that isn't motivation, what is? ;)

the one thing that is tough for weight watchers is that i can only use it when i'm trying to lose weight (duh). if i tried to use it for maintenance, i could only continue to use it until i started to get into peak of running. when i'm at my peak of training, i need to be consuming 300-400 grams of carbs a day. put that into the weight watchers points calculator and i don't even want to know how many points it would give! i'll worry about what i will do with tracking once i get to that point in my athleticism again, but it is something looming in the back of my mind. it's the one reason that weight watchers hasn't been a long term solution for me. of course, if anyone has any solutions to this, i'm all ears!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

kickstarter: low fodmap protein bars

i've shared many a time on this blog my struggles with ibs, and one of the ways i try to help alleviate some of my symptoms is through a low fodmap diet. fodmaps have now become a guiding factor in how i decide which fruits, veggies and sugars to eat.

there's a company called nicer foods that has launched a kickstarter campaign to produce a low fodmap protein bar. i wasn't asked to promote this campaign or company in any way. i happened to stumble upon them on twitter and now i want nothing more than for this bar to be produced. the struggle with protein bars is real for folks with food sensitivities and/or ibs. if a bar doesn't contain one ingredient you can't eat, you get excited, but then sure enough, it is almost guaranteed to have at least one other sensitive food product as an ingredient (in my experience this has always been true).

nicer foods is working to create a low fodmap protein bar that is safe and healthy for your gut;  corn free, dairy free, soy free, gluten free and fodmap friendly. how amazing is that? it's a huge goal to work towards, but i am excited to be a supporter and hope this bar can come into full production!

check out nicer foods on kickstarter to support their campaign and make sure to  visit their website! this could be a game changing product for someone like me who struggles with food intolerances and their related effects on the body.

this image is from the kickstarter campaign