Saturday, October 25, 2014

kickstarter: low fodmap protein bars

i've shared many a time on this blog my struggles with ibs, and one of the ways i try to help alleviate some of my symptoms is through a low fodmap diet. fodmaps have now become a guiding factor in how i decide which fruits, veggies and sugars to eat.

there's a company called nicer foods that has launched a kickstarter campaign to produce a low fodmap protein bar. i wasn't asked to promote this campaign or company in any way. i happened to stumble upon them on twitter and now i want nothing more than for this bar to be produced. the struggle with protein bars is real for folks with food sensitivities and/or ibs. if a bar doesn't contain one ingredient you can't eat, you get excited, but then sure enough, it is almost guaranteed to have at least one other sensitive food product as an ingredient (in my experience this has always been true).

nicer foods is working to create a low fodmap protein bar that is safe and healthy for your gut;  corn free, dairy free, soy free, gluten free and fodmap friendly. how amazing is that? it's a huge goal to work towards, but i am excited to be a supporter and hope this bar can come into full production!

check out nicer foods on kickstarter to support their campaign and make sure to  visit their website! this could be a game changing product for someone like me who struggles with food intolerances and their related effects on the body.

this image is from the kickstarter campaign

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

i ran a mile! woop woop!

so my last post was pretty... pessimistic. thanks to those that pointed out that optimism and positivity can actually go a long way in the healing process! ;) 

last night, i took moose girl out for a walk/run. we did about a mile and a half with intervals and i was feeling pretty good. after taking moose home, i decided to go out and try for a mile on my own. it was a perfect fall day; crisp, cool air with gorgeous fall colors on the trees. i had my new oiselle wazelle black long sleeve (which is the perfect black long sleeve, by the way - so sleek and slimming) and it just felt like a good time to try for a run.

i felt pretty good a half mile out, but a little cautious that the pain might come back as soon as i tried to pick up the speed a notch. i gradually got faster until the last quarter mile when i realized i had picked up the pace quite a bit. not having any pain, or any twerks on a longer stride, i decided to sprint as best i could the last tenth of a mile. 

it was no where near my fastest sprint, or fastest mile, but for that last stretch, i finally felt like i could push my body to perform, to achieve. it felt hard. but it felt awesome.

it's moments like this i have to remember on those days when everything seems hopeless and impossible. i might not be able to do much right now, but that little bit of something i could do made my day!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

afraid to run

there's an old saying that when you plan, God laughs. i totally believe it. in my mind,  i had planned this year to be an epic year of 5k training and racing success. i was going to break my pr's and i was going to win races and it was going to be awesome.

and then the year actually played out, and since june of this year, i have been sidelined with an undiagnosed back injury that has lingered way too long. what we originally thought might have been the cause, a 5mm difference between leg lengths, doesn't seem to be the answer anymore. the pain is now closer to my spine versus to my hips, where i felt lot of the pain radiating earlier in the summer. but it's not just running that is hard, if not impossible right now. just about any physical activity can cause pain; elliptical, too much walking, squats, golf... all the things i would do to stay fit and active make me worry and make me afraid of making the injury worse. this is not a feeling or a state of being that i am used to.

and it has my morale extremely low. it makes it very hard to work on staying active or maintaining a base level of fitness. and of course, it's led to weight gain that i'm not happy with (especially when i'm about to start wedding dress shopping). 

i have a follow up appointment at the end of next month and i'm guessing i'll just continue to take it day by day until then. but man, starting with my weird foot injury last september, i have been struggling to run and injured for over a full year now. it's frustrating beyond belief and makes me afraid that i'll never be able to run again.